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What is Eczema and What Should I do.

Eczema is a aggravating skin condition affecting 35 million Americans

eczema imageEczema is an all to often skin condition affecting the very young and more vintage model alike.  Many people have some form of eczema throughout their life and spend a tremendous amount of money looking for a long term solution.  The symptoms usually present with itchy skin, red blotchy, almost blister type appearances anywhere on the body.  Eczema comes in many forms, but all cause a person to scratch and further inflame the affected area.  It is a very frustrating condition for all and while there are many solutions offering relief, many of them only offer short term or minimally effective relief.

What can you do to get relief?

healing balm imageOur recommended solution is Healing Balm.  It is a proprietary blend of all natural and raw butters, oils, and vitamins that has over the past years, proven to be the best treatment for eczema, and many other skin ailments.  The results of daily use of healing balm have been nothing but spectacular and have provided long term relief for thousands.  It is all natural, made from raw products, and without emulsifiers, and has also provided relief from burns, sun burns, cracked heals, psoriasis and most major skin issues.  We believe it is the formula and the unparalleled absorption rate that is providing the best long term solution for our customers.

Of course there are other lotions and creams that claim to offer relief.  Our recommendation here is that you check the ingredients list and look for a pure all natural solution.  Specifically, look for one without emulsifiers, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, formaldehyde (yes, formaldehyde) and dimethicone (silicone molecules).   There are many others to look out for.  Feel free to contact us for a discussion about the benefits or concerns around a current solution that is or isn’t working for you.

Through a harrowing and dangerous burn accident has come the world’s blessing.  Back in August of 2016, Scott had a horrible campfire accident that burned his face, ears, neck and arms.  He was told to “put lotion on his face and we will see what he keeps”.  Out of this recommendation, the healing balm was born.  To this day Scott is free of scars and virtually any sign of the accident that almost took his life and his skin.  Through this recommendation, the incredible eczema and skin ailment solution was born.

eczema solution
Healing Balm Body Butter

Let us know what you are struggling with in your health, your skin, your complexion, and otherwise.  We are here to provide you with a unbiased and honest opinion derived from years of service to the largest organ of our body; our skin!

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