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Product additions; Bath Bombs and Sugar scrub product

strawberry bath
Such a Pumpkin Cupcake Bath Bomb Product

Holiday Arrivals

We are moving with a full head of steam into the holidays and we wanted to add some to the fun and excitement.  We have added several new scents and fragrances to our product lineup.  In addition to the existing cupcakes, we have added Hello Holidays, Such a pumpkin, and Strawberry shortcake scents.  We have also added these scents to our existing sugar scrub product line

Body Butters

Of course, we have our famous all healing body butter.  We have added “healing bomb” to the collection of body butters.  This healing bomb is the absolute very first version of the recipe that Teana created for me when I burnt myself in the accident.  It is the best version for healing significant wounds to the skin, or when focusing on the reduction of scars and other types of skin damage.  It has a slightly heavier application feel when applied to the skin.

The other versions have for the most part the same healing ingredients, but have a slightly lighter thinner feel when applied.  They are also all healing and used by thousands to soften the skin from head to toe.  Seriously the only difference other than the fragrance from the essential oil, is how it feels when applying it.


All of our products are great for the everyday treatment of your largest organ; the skin.  They also make exciting and fun gifts for the office and other presents, both personal and professional. If you are looking for some specific combination or would like to personalize the labeling let us know.

Social media

We would also appreciate your interaction with our facebook page when you have a minute.  Until next time, don’t hesitate to send us an email, call us on the phone, or see us at one of our farmers markets.

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Adding scent to the famous Body Butter

New Body Butter Products

We are pleased to announce the addition of a few small variations to the magnificent Body Butter.  Make no mistake, the same amazing ingredients that healed Scott’s burns are still there in whole. We have simply added a couple very subtle aromas into the mix of all natural ingredients.

Sugar Bear - Body Butter
Sugar Bear Body Butter
Toast Vanilla - BB
Toasted Vanilla Body Butter
Café Brûlée body butter image
Café Brûlée Body Butter
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New Product – Beginning Stages

Adding Products

We are in the beginning development stages of a few new, all natural products in addition to our very popular Body Butter and our scrubs.

bodybutter image

We would love to include you in the process.  If you have a few thoughts and would kindly share them with us, we would greatly appreciate.  For all that participate in the creation of something awesome, we will provide you a 10 percent off coupon on your next purchase.  Please fill in the form below and we will send your ideas to the research team.    Thank you, S&T

Product Development Selection
Please let us know which product you would like to see the most.