sugarbear package

Spa Package


Our spa package comes with a small body butter (5 oz) (does not include healing balm), small Body Butter, small Face Scrub (clarify or balance), Bath Bomb, and Body scrub.

Body Butter – Available scents: Sugar bear (cucumber melon), lavender, lemongrass, coconut, Cherry Garcia, original, toasted vanilla

Body Scrubs Available scents:  Sugar bear, lavender, lemongrass, coconut, cherry garcia, toasted vanilla, cafe brule, dogwood, bergamot, peppermint, sugar cookie, strawberry shortcake

Face Scrubs/Wash available scents:  Clarify, Balance

Bath Bombs available scents:  Lavender, cherry garcia, sugar bear, coconut, lemongrass, birthday cake, heaven on earth oatmeal milk bath, strawberry shortcake

At check out please leave notes about the scents that you wish to have.

*NOTE*  A small healing balm can be added to the Spa package for an additional $1.75

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