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Healing balm is a unique blend of oils, butters, and vitamins that are precisely formulated to heal the skin.  You will immediately notice the calming effects as the balm penetrates deep into the skin.



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The formula is specifically created so that the ingredients work together to penetrate the skin and replenish the ability to maintain moisture. It has a rich, luxurious, miracle-working feel and is free of paraffin, petroleum, and made from raw natural products. This brings back the firmness, pliability, and plumpness of a more youthful time.  In addition to the healthier look and feel, the body butter enhances the skin’s ability to heal such ailments as eczema, rashes, and other discomforting conditions. It has brought about amazing skin restorations following burn accidents, scarring events, and other accident-type situations.


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Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, aloe vera, vitamin E & C, hyaluronic acid, beeswax Ewax(and LOVE of course)


Depending on the affected area, a pea-sized amount should cover not only your hands but your forearms.Let melt before applying. For relief of seriously dehydrated skin, coat yourself from head to toe, concentrating on particularly parched, flaky and irritated parts.

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19 reviews for Healing Balm

  1. Alicia

  2. WL Staff

    Instagram Customer – July 22 2018
    Picked up my healing balm from @withlovelv today! This stuff is amazing!!! I suffer from extreme eczema and psoriasis and this stuff works better than anything I’ve been perscribed or purchased otc. Follow her and visit her Sundays 9am-2pm @ the Silverton farmers market. Tons of amazing other stuff that I will soon be stocking up on!!!! ?
    #withlovelv #healingbalm #iatecrow #beststuff #eczema #psoriasis #skinhelp #natural #gonatural #loveyourskin #loveit #nails #productpromo #tyforexisting

  3. autumndsmith24

    Have been using healing body butter for over 1 yr now. Its amazing. I had surgery on my stomach, hiatel hernia and now you can barely see scar. Also this summer used on sunburn, works great. A little goes along way. Cracked hands, heels,feet,elbows, not with this body butter. Just love this body butter, works great !!!!

    Autumn Merrill-Smith

  4. Wendy A

    I wanted to send you my testimony. I started using your healing balm two months ago on my stretch marks from having my daughter. Not only does it make me smell like a chocolate chip cookie, but my skin is soft and my stretch marks are getting smaller and lighter in color. I highly recommend this to anyone. It’s absolutely amazing stuff. It helps to know that if I get it on my hands, it won’t hurt my daughter if she gets a little in her mouth. This is the best stuff I have ever used!! Thank you so much for the amazing product!

  5. Charlie

  6. Rebecca

  7. rodeowilma

    I can’t say enough about this product and all of the withlovelv products! They are absolutely wonderful!! The healing balm smells so yummy and it moisturizes your skin like no other! I have been using this product for some time now and my husband is always complimenting me with how soft my skin feels. I have really sensitive skin and this balm is so gentle and it gives your skin all of the moisture that it needs! Trust me when I tell you that you will fall in love with this product!! Thanks T & S! 🙂

  8. Anna Mak

    I bought this for my newborn who had sensitive skin to other people’s perfume and cologne and was constantly scratching up his face. His skin would go from red and blotchy to perfectly normal overnight! I love all the natural ingredients! Excellent product. Highly recommend

  9. Josie

    For most of my life I have battled cracked feet and have tried a variety of gadgets and products from home made to over the counter creams and scrubs. Now I use HEALING BALM every morning and night, not only on my feet but in any skin problem or just for skin care. I don’t have to use all of those products anymore. It is all in one and it only took me one month for my feet’s transformation

  10. Lisa Flanagan

    After I had my last child I developed a rash on my arm that flared up with sun exposure. I talked to numerous Doctors about it but I did not get to the root of the problem…ever. My baby girl is now 8 and every summer that patch has surfaced. A dear friend saw it & swore she knew of something that may get rid of it! She was right!!! She gave me Healing Balm as a gift & even the “scar like patch” is gone. ( always present even in Winter that no one but me notices)

  11. Joan Roberts

    My family loves the Healing Balm! I sent a jar to my daughter in law and she just told me she has to order more, because my 3 yr old grandson LOVES it instead of “ wet lotion” lol

    Thank you! ?

  12. Elynne

    I first started using healing balm after spine surgery a year ago. That was my introduction to these amazing products. A year later I am addicted to the products and healing balm is still one of my favorite! The only thing that has changed is my scar!!! It is almost invisible! Healing balm was soothing as I healed and it is still my go to product for minor irritations.

  13. Angela

    I picked up this stuff to try on a part of my neck that had developed a bad eczema rash. I would use it about 2x a day or whenever it felt irritated and it would always take away that flare up.
    My sister was here with her little boy and he’s had really bad skin/eczema since he was a baby. She stared using it while she was here visiting and his rash immediately stared clearing up.
    This stuff is my favorite, I make sure that I always have a jar of it around.

  14. Lisa Pitts

    Bought a jar at Art in the Park for my hands, knowing how dry they get when winter gets here. Not only do I love it, but my husband uses it at night for his hands (his hands are like alligator skin from working outside). He hates lotion because it leaves his hands sticky or greasy. He loves this stuff! Guess I’ll be getting the bigger bottle next time ?

  15. robyn.rae.smith73

    thank you Andrea Smith for sharing these products with me. I have very dry skin and living in Wyoming there is not much relief. I used this on my sore cuticles and was amazed at how quickly they healed. almost immediately took the soreness out. would recommend this product!

  16. Grace

    Love this product! We purchased the healing balm and balance scrub for my face, my face was nearly clear in less than a week! Highly recommend this product to anyone!

  17. scott

    The best all natural product that I have ever used. It has not only healed my burns, but I continue to use it daily on my face, hands, arms, and legs. Love it and how soft it makes the skin. All I can say is thanks.

  18. Kathy

    We were at the Silverton Farmer’s Market and saw the booth. I am very much so into natural products. My kids have eczema that flares up at the drop of a hat.

    My son had some hive like bumps on his arms. He took a sample of the Healing Balm and fell in love with the feel. It was not greasy like the one he had been using. Within a few days of use (morning and night), the bumps were gone. His skin looks amazing.

    My daughter loves the feel. She had some ugly patches of dry skin around her eyes. She used the Healing Balm, and after one use the skin was supple. She hates putting on balms and creams but makes sure she has it in the bathroom with her to apply after a shower. I am going to need to order more, as the whole family is now using it.

  19. Adriane

    I’m a nurse, and one of my coworkers brought up a box of this great stuff to our breakroom. We’ve had to wear masks at work all the time now because of COVID. I’ve got really sensitive skin, so of course I developed a really awful rash on my face and neck. I put some of the balm on immediately, and my skin was soooo much better the next day!! I’ll be wearing this every day from now on!

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