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New Crew @ With Love & Co.

As we went through our day at the markets yesterday, we realized every now and then one of the staff members (Frosty) would go missing for a few minutes. We would look for him, call him, text him, even tweet to him hoping he was looking at social media. This was on repeat it seemed. We would eventually find him (Frosty) visiting different people in the market. The pictures below were taken on location every time we found him. The gull of this guy!



Found at the pastry vendor

Found at Mark’s Paracord. Maybe he was getting sharing stories.

Said he missed his days in Paris. Thought eating French bread would perk him up.

Hanging out at Rod’s produce

Sweet tooth being taken care of at C&D Honey.

Eating a pickle

Finally back at work with the rest of the #bathbomb crew.

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