Hello and thank you for visiting my With Love ambassador page.  I am Reneta and I joined the With Love team as an ambassador to share my story and possibly help others find clarity, improved self-esteem, and hopefully make a difference in your life.  My finding With Love and their amazing all natural products has truly been a blessing in my life and I feel compelled to share that blessing with you.

I believe it is time for all of us to start taking charge of our lives, our bodies, and begin to use products made from the natural ingredients that have been given to us.  Having With Love & Co. on your team is a first step to a more natural and healthy way of life.  Their harrowing story and the products that have grown out of the incident are wonderful and are a must.  The WLLV products I am most grateful for are the Clarify and the Healing balm.  The combination of the two have literally changed my outlook on life.

I write here on this page, to share my story and the absolute wonder that is Clarify and Healing Balm.

Signed, Reneta