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Supporting You Las Vegas

I wanted to take a moment on our blog and express our love and support for the people and the city of Las Vegas.  The shooting tragedy that occurred on Oct 1, 2017 is by far the worst nightmare we could have imagined.  It is senseless that this type of thing exists, but the citizens of Las Vegas and those that were visiting, showed themselves to be strong, courageous, caring people that can overcome this evil.  It is through love, courage, and a realization that we are all in this together, that we can continue to build a heaven on earth and create an amazing future.

It is not uncommon following a incident like this that emotion runs high, people become sorrowful and incredible despair finds its way into our lives.  This makes it more important then ever that we say hello to our neighbor;  That we allow a car into traffic even though you have been waiting; That we do something nice for no reason, and that we spread has much love as possible. Do what you can to better society and your community.  It will propel your own world and by helping others, you will find that despair, evil, and sorrow are limited in your life.

As we say in the With Love LV office…..“LET ALL that you DO be done in LOVE”.

All the best Las Vegas. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


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Fighting Cancer – You are not alone

One of our family members is going through a rough patch in his life and fighting cancer.  The below post from our Facebook page is a small sample of the support that is pouring in.  We are humbled and overwhelmed with the outreach from our Facebook friends, our customers, and many others that we didn’t know existed until they reach out to us.  It is what family, community, and people supporting people is all about.  Thank you all and keep in touch.  We will keep you updated.