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Postive Feedback Great Feeling

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A weekend full of love

This weekend was the annual Summerlin Art Festival at the Downtown Summerlin Mall.  We were there on Saturday at our normal farmers market, and also on Sunday as part of the overall event.  I must say, these two days were the best days of the year.  We had a lot of fun meeting and interacting with what the thousands of people that came by the With Love LV booth.  Some estimates put it at 40,000 in attendance and I believe those estimates are conservative.  We had 4 people manning our booth and loved every minute, every customer, and every person that just stopped by to share a story and a bit of their life.  Absolutely awesome weekend.

Weekend Stories

A couple of comments and stories from the weekend:

Story #1

We had a mom stop by the booth with her three beautiful kids.  One of them, the smallest, unfortunately suffers from pretty severe eczema and the mom shared her story with us.  She told of the difficulties and the lack of success of other products at providing some relief to her toddler.  She has tried many different products and was considering a clinical trial that she had heard about.

We introduced her to our body butter and our other all natural line of products and the ingredients in the body butter.  She was desperate to provide some relief to her baby. With our 100% guarantee of a refund, she purchased the healing balm and off they went.

She reached out to us on Facebook and let us know that the Body Butter (healing balm) was working wonderfully and that in one day of use, the redness was all but gone on his knees and his face.

FBcomments    This one bit of success and feedback was worth the entire weekend to us.

Story #2

Several weeks ago a mom and her little girl stopped by the booth and bought some body butter.  Two weeks later they came by again and you could definitely she improvements in her hands.  However, we thought she would benefit and heal faster from the our newest product, healing balm body butter.  This weekend she stopped just to share her experience.

She also told us of having purchased a temporary stand-in product from a competitor of ours, and quickly realized that not all body butters are the same.  The mom also told us that she was purchasing more of the healing balm, and that we now had a lifetime customer.

Weekend Conclusion

This weekend was much better than we could have expected.  We loved the thousand of people that we met, our booth staff (Cheyenne, Jamie) were fabulous, and the countless stories and sharing of moments in lives was absolutely the best.  We look forward to seeing everybody at next years festival and remember, we are at Downtown Summerlin Farmers market every Saturday from 9 am until 2 pm.  See  you there.  s&t

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Product additions; Bath Bombs and Sugar scrub product

strawberry bath
Such a Pumpkin Cupcake Bath Bomb Product

Holiday Arrivals

We are moving with a full head of steam into the holidays and we wanted to add some to the fun and excitement.  We have added several new scents and fragrances to our product lineup.  In addition to the existing cupcakes, we have added Hello Holidays, Such a pumpkin, and Strawberry shortcake scents.  We have also added these scents to our existing sugar scrub product line

Body Butters

Of course, we have our famous all healing body butter.  We have added “healing bomb” to the collection of body butters.  This healing bomb is the absolute very first version of the recipe that Teana created for me when I burnt myself in the accident.  It is the best version for healing significant wounds to the skin, or when focusing on the reduction of scars and other types of skin damage.  It has a slightly heavier application feel when applied to the skin.

The other versions have for the most part the same healing ingredients, but have a slightly lighter thinner feel when applied.  They are also all healing and used by thousands to soften the skin from head to toe.  Seriously the only difference other than the fragrance from the essential oil, is how it feels when applying it.


All of our products are great for the everyday treatment of your largest organ; the skin.  They also make exciting and fun gifts for the office and other presents, both personal and professional. If you are looking for some specific combination or would like to personalize the labeling let us know.

Social media

We would also appreciate your interaction with our facebook page when you have a minute.  Until next time, don’t hesitate to send us an email, call us on the phone, or see us at one of our farmers markets.

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Supporting You Las Vegas

I wanted to take a moment on our blog and express our love and support for the people and the city of Las Vegas.  The shooting tragedy that occurred on Oct 1, 2017 is by far the worst nightmare we could have imagined.  It is senseless that this type of thing exists, but the citizens of Las Vegas and those that were visiting, showed themselves to be strong, courageous, caring people that can overcome this evil.  It is through love, courage, and a realization that we are all in this together, that we can continue to build a heaven on earth and create an amazing future.

It is not uncommon following a incident like this that emotion runs high, people become sorrowful and incredible despair finds its way into our lives.  This makes it more important then ever that we say hello to our neighbor;  That we allow a car into traffic even though you have been waiting; That we do something nice for no reason, and that we spread has much love as possible. Do what you can to better society and your community.  It will propel your own world and by helping others, you will find that despair, evil, and sorrow are limited in your life.

As we say in the With Love LV office…..“LET ALL that you DO be done in LOVE”.

All the best Las Vegas. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


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Fighting Cancer – You are not alone

One of our family members is going through a rough patch in his life and fighting cancer.  The below post from our Facebook page is a small sample of the support that is pouring in.  We are humbled and overwhelmed with the outreach from our Facebook friends, our customers, and many others that we didn’t know existed until they reach out to us.  It is what family, community, and people supporting people is all about.  Thank you all and keep in touch.  We will keep you updated.

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Adding scent to the famous Body Butter

New Body Butter Products

We are pleased to announce the addition of a few small variations to the magnificent Body Butter.  Make no mistake, the same amazing ingredients that healed Scott’s burns are still there in whole. We have simply added a couple very subtle aromas into the mix of all natural ingredients.

Sugar Bear - Body Butter
Sugar Bear Body Butter
Toast Vanilla - BB
Toasted Vanilla Body Butter
Café Brûlée body butter image
Café Brûlée Body Butter
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Farmers Markets in Las Vegas – Cummunity & Culture

Las Vegas

Things to do

While there are many many things to do in Vegas, and obviously the night life is second to non in the world, the day time festivities are pretty good to.  Within 50 miles (easily done in an hour) you have the mountains, Hoover Dam, Ghost towns, and numerous city local things.  One in particular that people enjoy is checking out the different Farmer Markets in Las Vegas.

cartJust like the community markets in the various cities across the country and the village markets in Europe, the Farmers Markets provide a unique look at the culture and the local neighborhoods.  It also provides a personal view of the many vendors and shops throughout the communities.

Some of our favorites are listed here:

    • Las Vegas Farmers Market – Downtown Summerlin (Open Saturdays)
      • This is a very unique, fairly modern market and is in the center of the downtown Summerlin mall.  The vendors vary and all offer a unique part of Las Vegas.  It has good music and the site itself provides some entertainment.  Vendors to look for are #Rod’s Produce Market, #C&D Honey, #With Love LV Booth and many others.
    • Las Vegas Farmers Market – Bruce Trent Park (Open Wednesday
      • This market is much more community related and has a very family feel to it.  Not only are the vendors great (cookies, beef jerky, Truck food, Kettle corn, and more), the market is in the park and there are families and kids playing in the grass, the water park, and the sand.  Very nice place to go and have a intimate family picnic and enjoy the atmosphere.
    • Downtown 3rd Farmers Market – (Open Fridays)
        • This market is close to the “old part” of Vegas and offers a large number of vendors and thus a great variety.  It is busy, but doesn’t quite have the feel that some of the other markets do.  However, the number of vendors make up for the relaxed feel of the others.  It feels like a shoppers paradise.
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New Product – Beginning Stages

Adding Products

We are in the beginning development stages of a few new, all natural products in addition to our very popular Body Butter and our scrubs.

bodybutter image

We would love to include you in the process.  If you have a few thoughts and would kindly share them with us, we would greatly appreciate.  For all that participate in the creation of something awesome, we will provide you a 10 percent off coupon on your next purchase.  Please fill in the form below and we will send your ideas to the research team.    Thank you, S&T

Product Development Selection
Please let us know which product you would like to see the most.
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Emulsifiers – Definition and our thoughts

Anti Emulsifiers

At the “With Love” company we are opposed to the use of emulsifiers in our products.

Definition:  A substance that stabilizes an emulsion, in particular a food additive used to stabilize processed foods.

We are focused on providing clean, as natural, and close to the source products as possible.  The use of emulsifiers and trying to force to different types of objects to combine can lead to some very unnatural effects when introduced to our body.

At With Love LV the creation and use of all natural, without emulsifiers, products is a corner stone to making great products.  We don’t and won’t use emulsifiers in our products.