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Prisilla Moy Review

✨We have an exciting announcement! A few months ago we teamed up with a few people and gave them products to best suit their needs! We wanted to get real testimonials for you all on a variety of our products!🤗
💜Priscilla Moy is an actress, model, and dancer (amongst many other talents) in Las Vegas, NV. We gave her products that would focus on promoting hydration, glow, and healthy skin! Find out what products Priscilla tried, and what she thought about them below!
“When I first tried the three products at once, I was so blown away by how instantly hydrated my skin felt! Living in the desert, you definitely begin to notice how dry the air is and how it affects your body and skin. When I woke up the next day, my skin still felt like I had just put on the products shortly before I woke up!”
✨Balance Scrub: “I use this only a couple of times a week after I do a quick face wash with a cleanser. I definitely feel like it is taking away all of the excess dirt and dead skin that the cleanser might have missed!”
✨Secret Serum: “Before I tried these products, I tested a “general” toner ( I say general because I used one when I was a teenager for acne years ago) for the first time and loved how it made my skin glow! When I first dipped my finger in this serum, I immediately loved the consistency! I knew instantly my skin would love it. My skin feels refreshed when I have it on!”
✨Rejuvenation cream: “The best finishing touch to any skincare treatment! This may be the thickest facial cream/lotion I’ve ever used BUT probably my favorite product. It leaves my skin so moisturized and with that shine, we all like to see after we treat ourselves with a facial! My face is so soft and without this, I don’t think I could be complete!”
We thank @priscillamoy for being a part of the family! Please feel free to reach out and share your experiences with our products! Stay tuned for more!
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Face Products by With Love & Company

Today we wanted to highlight some awesome face products that we love!! Pictured here are our amazing eyelash serum, makeup remover, face & eye serum, and nourishing lip balm! Have you tried them?!face products image
Our Eyelash Growth Serum is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients formulated to enhance, condition, and strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows! Our organic ingredients, combined with African Black Castor Oil, provides incredible growth and luxurious fullness to the hairs!
🧼We also have our Makeup Remover is a healthier solution to cleansing the face of day-to-day beauty products. Name-brand removers can contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous to the skin and body. Simply apply a few drops of our natural oil to a cotton pad and remove all the makeup, leaving your face super moisturized! (Safe for use around eyes!)
😌The Face & Eye Serum is made of the finest oil blend to reduce swelling, smooth out fine lines, provide a youthful glow, and rebuild firmness around the face and eyes. It is 100% free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.
👄Our Nourishing Lip Balm is made of organic and natural ingredients that aim to repair and smooth lips year-round!
👀Come by and try some of our face favs, and share your experiences with us or shop online in the comfort of your home at!!!!
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Holiday Hours

In the spirit of Christmas and making sure that you call can get your shopping done, we have extended hours.
Please call us at 702.803.5055 if special arrangements are needed.

9 am to 9 pm
Monday thru Friday
10 am to 10 pm
9 am to 10 pm

1825 Festival Plaza Dr. Unit 130
Las Vegas NV 89135

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Not all body butters are the same

Searching and Gathering information about Body Butter

I recently started a search to see how the rest of the world was creating their products and the ingredients in what is called body butter.  While I firmly believe in our body butter, it is important to me to understand what others are making, the ingredients being used, and the customer’s value in body butter.  Obviously, there will always be competition for customers, differences in products, and perceived values, the constant evaluation, and comparison of our products will ensure we are providing our customers what is important to them.

So, I decided to do some research to address my hypothesis that Not All Body Butters are the same.  I have spent the last 30 days researching on google, reading ingredients, looking at the packaging, and working to understand the world of body butter beyond the bb8_1200body butter at With Love LV that saved my face from a lifetime of scars and damage.

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New Locations

We have some exciting news that we are dying to share with all of you that have joined the With Love and Co. team.

We will be opening a new location for all to stock up on your With Love & Co skincare products and simply share a story about life, etc. Of course, our skincare professionals will be there for a one on one.  The thing that we most excited about is being available 7 days a week and sharing the good times with each of you.

The new location is going to be in the Downtown Summerlin Mall at 1825 Festival Plaza Drive Suite 130.  If you don’t know where that is, it is about 100 feet from our usual Saturday Farmers market location.  We will of course continue to have our spot at the market(s), but now we will be available to you 7 days a week.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more follow up information.  Right now the store is projected for a soft opening on June 15.  Stayed Tuned!

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Vintage Market Days – Las Vegas

vintage postVintage Market Days Southern Nevada

It is that time of year again and With Love & Co. will have its entire mobile store stocked with your “must have” body products at Vintage Market Days – Fall 2018.  This event is a bi-annual event and features some of the very best in vintage-inspired original art, antiques, clothing, jewelry, outdoor furnishings and of course, the best body products store in the valley – With Love & Co.  With Love will be there with a huge booth and have plenty of sales people giving out free samples of healing balm and more.  As well, I am sure the harrowing story that started With Love is sure to be told a thousand times and will inspire many that have looked into the face of a tragic moment.

The show is held twice a year and runs for a 3 days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The people start lining up early on Friday and continue to flow in until the completion of the event on Sunday at 5 pm.  Last years event had an verified attendance of 10,000.  This years event promises to be much larger and currently has over 19,000 RSVPs and that number continues to grow.  You will see an amazing array of products, vendors booths and an astonishing collection of vintage items.  It is arguably the best showing in Las Vegas of antiques, art, creative passions and more.  

A must see event, you can find out more information on our events page and also on the Facebook vintage markets days page.  Will we see you there?  Hoping so.  When you come mention this post and the coupon “Holidays 2018” for 10% off of your purchase.

See you there.  s&t

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A Little Goes a Long Way

A Little Goes a Long Way

Our body butter seems to be flying off the shelf and is truly our number 1 seller.  It is what got us started, and is a mainstay in our daily sales and with any luck, it will continue.  I guess the purpose of the article is that I wanted to highlight a key feature of the product.  That being that a little bit goes a long way.

If you are a current customer of ours you know that our products are made from all-natural raw products.  We work really hard at ensuring that we have the finest, ethically produced, organic ingredients and that we use the raw product.  Our body butter, which is the base of all of our items, is made from raw unrefined butter, shea, cocoa, mango, etc.  When we make it, we essentially build the recipe by heating up the raw butter using strictly controlled temperatures.  Once all of the ingredients are at the right temperatures, we blend them thus creating the body butter.

little goes imageImmediately following the blending process, the butter is ready to be jarred.  We do this immediately and put it into the jars, small and large, hot.  Unlike so many on the market, we don’t whip our body butter.  Jarring the body butter while hot provides a very soft, but yet a very dense product.  Providing our customers with an honest, full jar of body butter has been a signature of ours from the beginning.  We certainly realize that whipping air into the body butter would provide us with a little more profit, but at what cost.  Our integrity?  Our honesty?

Certainly integrity and honesty are high on the list of our personal traits and of those that work with With Love & Co.  Why would we not have the same attitude toward our products?  The benefit of forgoing the whipping process is that our body butter goes a long way.  Or as the sign in the picture states, “A little goes a long way”.

Come by one of our many farmer’s markets and test it out for yourself.  Take a small pea-size amount from one of our sample jars (lavender, sugar bear, lemongrass, coconut, toasted vanilla, healing balm) you will agree.  A little goes a long way at With Love & Co.

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Balance Facial Scrub explained

Balanced Facial Exfoliator Explained

balance scrub
Our facial exfoliator is the most gentle and  effective way to remove the constant material that causes premature aging. Other treatments use primarily harsh shells which rip and
damage skin, we use brown sugar which is a gentle exfoliant helping to wipe away the bacteria and dead skin, to leave behind the nutritive oils and vitamins. This scrub takes the
place of Microdermabrasion and chemical peals, restores and heals for a beautiful radiant look! Minimizes and cleanses pores, reduces fine lines and wrinkles on face, hands and body. Most importantly our Balance is a safe, non-toxic, natural way to receive overall nourishment, moisture and plumping of the skin. This exfoliating anti aging scrub is guaranteed to
leave your skin smooth, increasing collagen production, prevents premature aging and replenish your skin’s youthful look

Balance Exfoliator Usage

Cleanser: Take dry treatment and mix with water in your palm. When it has reach the desired consistency wash face as normal. Then rinse and follow by gently putting on a small
amount of Body Butter or Healing Balm. Scrub: Take a quarter sized amount and massage into wet skin to cleanse, exfoliate and  detoxify skin. This method eliminates the need
for any type of microdermabrasion. Then rinse and follow by gently putting on a small amount of Body Butter or Healing Balm.

Click Here to download and print additional information.